At a young age, I was diagnosed with depression. I was about twelve years old at the time. This made it difficult to be as my peers. School was always very demanding, learning was not easy and making friends and social contacts did not come naturally. This was due to my social anxiety. From the age of thirteen I have had many different treatments, for about eight years. I’ve had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at different institutions, I have been admitted twice and received medication and group therapy. I also received EMDR therapy.

After trying different forms of therapy without any results, I started skeptically with rTMS treatment. The first session caused a bit of dizziness and some headaches, but after adjusting the intensity during the next session I didn’t have these anymore. For the next four or five sessions I was still quite skeptical if rTMS was really doing anything. After the tenth session, however, I began to notice differences; I fell asleep faster, getting up was a lot easier and the usual fog and drowsiness was slowly disappearing. I was able concentrate on the things I wanted to do during the day. I regained my interest in things and hobbies that I had not spent any time on, for a long time. I started to go out again, and my mood was clearing up. I can vividly remember the moment, this was around session eleven or twelve, that I stood in a crowded metro car and wondered where the ever-present fear had gone and when it would strike again. However, this no longer happened. At this point I realized that I had made the right decision.

After more than twenty sessions, I feel better than ever. Of course, there are still days when I feel a little down from time to time but allowing for and accepting that this is normal helps me to climb out of that within a day or two.
Man (24) with anxiety and depressive complaints


Man of 24 years with anxiety and depression symptoms