Our clients share their stories.

On this page, some of our clients share their experiences with rTMS and how we work. More than 75% of our clients with depression and 60% of those with an obsessive compulsive disorder are treated and can see positive results with rTMS. Complaints decrease on average by 75% in the case of depression and by 60% in the case of an obsessive compulsive disorder. Treatment with rTMS has hardly any side effects. Some clients experience a mild tension headache which disappears by itself.

Man 30 years of age with OCD (from London UK)


My OCD manifests itself through intrusive thoughts relating to harm to myself and to others that are close to me.

Man of 24 years with anxiety and depression symptoms


I've got my life back.

Woman of 58 years with depression symptoms


The rTMS treatment has since been stopped, but I still feel good.

Man of 39 years with OCD complaints


I would recommend rTMS as an effective treatment for OCD.

Man of 30 years with depressive symptoms


rTMS has ensured that I have less worry, more rest, more in life and almost no depressive symptoms anymore.