After having been depressed for almost three years and following therapies within the regular GGZ without the desired result, I had lost faith in that. I started looking for alternative medicine and came into contact with rTMS. The rTMS treatment sounded very logical and hopeful to me.

I came in contact with Bram Wernsen and was soon able to come on intake. We had a nice conversation then and I was confident. Within a week I could go for an EEG and the week after that the treatments could start. We started by filling out a questionnaire on which I scored 43 (out of 63). I came to Bram 3 times a week and I experienced Bram’s approach as pleasant. The treatment itself was not too bad, the shocks are just as annoying in the beginning but you get used to it quite quickly. Bram is an understanding and nice person to talk to. After 10 treatments my score was ‘dropped’ (which is good news) to 25. After 10 more treatments I was at 20.

This week I had my last treatment and I only scored 14 on the score list! RTMS has ensured that I am less worried, more relaxed, more excited about life and have almost no depressive symptoms anymore. I could only have dreamed this 2 months ago! During treatment I also reduced my medication to zero and rTMS was certainly a good safety net.


Man of 30 years with depressive symptoms