Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

What is rTMS?

What is rTMS: rTMS stands for Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and is a treatment where through magnetic pulses, certain areas of the brain are stimulated. This improves communication between different brain areas and eliminates depression and compulsion related complaints. The magnetic pulses are delivered from a coil that is placed over your head during treatment. The coil is programmed to your individual needs, based on your personal treatment plan. Magnetic pulses are delivered to the brain for twenty minutes. At the same time, you will have your session with one of our practitioners. Often, 20-30 treatments are sufficient to achieve positive results.

Results with rTMS

More than three-quarters of clients with depression and 60% of those with an obsessive compulsive disorder benefit from treatment with rTMS. Complaints decrease on average by 75% in the case of depression and by 60% in the case of an obsessive compulsive disorder. Treatment with rTMS has little to no side effects. Some clients experience a mild tension headache. Curious about whether treatment with rTMS can help you? We have no waiting lists and transparent rates. Depending on your health insurance policy, you may be eligible for (additional) reimbursement.

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Frequently asked questions about rTMS

Is rTMS safe?
rTMS is a safe and scientifically based treatment for depression and coercion. The treatment is applied briefly and intensively and supplemented with cognitive behavioral therapy for the best result. Magnetic pulses are delivered to the brain for twenty minutes and you are talking to one of our practitioners. The pulses cause certain parts of the brain to be stimulated or muted. This will improve communication between different brain areas and reduce the associated depressive symptoms. RTMS will never cause damage to your brain. The FDA in the US has rated rTMS as a safe therapy.
Does rTMS treatment hurt?
Does rTMS treatment hurt? Treatment with rTMS does not hurt and has few or no side effects. You sit in an easy chair and the coil that delivers the magnetic pulses is placed above your head. The magnetic pulses stimulate certain areas of the brain and decrease your depression and / or compulsive symptoms. Treatment with rTMS can cause mild tension headache after the end of treatment. This will go away on its own or after taking a painkiller
I use medication, can I start with rTMS?
When your medication is used for your depression and / or compulsive disorder, treatment with rTMS can be applied and medication may be phased out. This will be examined in more detail based on your personal situation and treatment plan. This is done in consultation, if desired, with your prescribing doctor.
What is an Electroencephalogram (EEG)?
An EEG is a method in which electrodes are placed on the head by means of a swimming cap to map your brain activity. Any deviations are noted by the EEC. The EEG is therefore used to determine if you have brain activity that could be dangerous to stimulate with magnetic brain stimulation. This is only the case with any epileptic activity. If the EEG shows that this is the case, a neurologist must first be consulted before treatment can be started.

To make a good EEG. use is made of conductive gel. After the EEG as much gel as possible is removed but a remainder will remain visible. Washing your hair at home once ensures that all the gel is gone.
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
rTMS international is a private practice. You therefore do not need a referral from your doctor for treatment at rTMS International.
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What disorders we treat

A life without depression or obsessive compulsive disorder with rTMS.


A drug-free treatment for your depression or obsessive compulsive behavior related complaints with rTMS.

Compulsory disorder

Effective treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder with rTMS

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